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The United Kingdom’s most visible trans couple share their own story of raising upwards trans and constructing a family inside their Taimi Talk

On May 16, Taimi hosted Taimi Talks — the application’s yearly real time streaming event where LGBTQ+ celebs communicate their particular experience with Taimi consumers. This current year, the line-up presented numerous inspiring individuals and one wonderful pair, Jake and Hannah Graf. Within their Taimi chat, Jake and Hannah provided their own stories of growing upwards transgender since that time their particular youth to this day. Their own strength and success helped numerous trans men and women rely on on their own and discover real love, so we tend to be honored to be able to share their own empowering tale as soon as again.

Jake and Hannah tuned directly into Taimi speaks from throughout the pool after getting to sleep their unique daughter Millie, which they welcomed to their household over this past year. In 2020, the happy couple made background since basic ever before transgender parents inside the UK, but Jake and Hannah happen generating record for many years now. Jake is actually an actor, director, and journalist from London, while Hannah is actually a retired army officer just who currently operates when you look at the banking business. Additionally they work closely with several organizations in the UK that endeavor to help LGBTQ+ kids and present them the assistance they have to succeed.


As Hannah and Jake recount, their unique childhoods had been not even close to ideal. Jake recalls that during the 1980s when he came to be, the definition of transgender almost didn’t occur. The guy recalls that he felt like he had been a boy since that time he had been 2 yrs old, but their mommy didn’t think him, together with kids in school bullied him for dressing in a masculine means.

„we looked for myself inside cartoons I viewed, in the publications I read, when you look at the films we saw. There happened to be no kids at all like me who had been created in a girl’s human anatomy. And therefore, you are sure that, I grew up seriously in search of any individual like me and fundamentally feeling like I happened to be incorrect, like I found myself a freak. Like I happened to be the actual only real person on earth,“

states Jake.

After he started the age of puberty, everything has become worse.

„Obviously, once you hate yourself a whole lot, if you are full of these types of a sense of self-loathing, as well as your person is therefore alien to you personally, it is difficult to be type with other people. Therefore I forced my loved ones out. I pressed my father and mother out. And things had gotten really bad at your home actually in the beginning,“

the guy recalls. Years later on, he discovered some solace after joining the lesbian community, nevertheless was not until he was 25 which he found another trans guy in new york, that has altered their life forever.

„this can be some guy which saved my life. Rather actually. He coached myself through bodily hormones and procedures and how every little thing would definitely be okay. As well as how culture would adjust to me and I’d adapt to culture,“

he says. After returning home, the guy was released as transgender to their mom, who turned into really supportive, and started their healthcare change.

„You know, when people tell me today, ‘Oh my personal God, you transitioned, you are sure that, that’s thus fearless‘, personally, the changeover was not the daring thing. The brave thing ended up being the decades before as soon as we suffer, as soon as we’re having difficulties or as soon as we’re just feeling thus uncomfortable. Together with change, seriously, it wasn’t great, however at long last I can be me and finally I am able to end up being delighted in my own human body, referring to where we am.“


Hannah’s tale is much like Jake’s but various in many ways too. Developing upwards into the 1990s, rather than the 1980s like Jake, she recalls that society already understood that there happened to be individuals who happened to be transgender, although the phase transexual was actually more common in those days. But the representation in news had been very upsetting. As an example, she brought up the 1994 movie Ace Ventura: dog Detective.

„along with that flick, absolutely a transgender woman, Jim Carrey kisses this lady. Right after which when he realizes that she’s trans, the guy requires a shower, he burns their clothes, the guy brushes their teeth, and she’s uncovered to the world when you are removed nude, and everybody tosses up,“

she recalls.

„Like i am seeing it a young child, and my children and my buddies, they are all laughing at it, considering, it is hilarious. And I’m love, ‘Wow. If that’s just what it ways to be openly trans nowadays, however do not want that.“

Next experience, Hannah states she learned to try out the component and took part in items that were extensively thought about a lot more male. As time passes, she understood she honestly enjoyed hanging out outdoors and keeping energetic. That eventually generated her signing up for the military, a vocation she looks back on with great fondness.

„we adored the camaraderie. I loved the vacation. We cherished working out, the folks, what sorts of material. Actually, actually appreciated it. It absolutely was a career that I absolutely had gotten on with, it has also been strange as it was actually extremely gender segregated,“

states Hannah. She remembers the woman very first functional implementation to Afghanistan once the flipping part of the woman life when she realized anything has got to transform.

„I happened to be staying in a tent with seven dudes. I experienced no chance as myself whatsoever. Also it was merely all way too much. And genuinely, next, I said, I could never ever do this again,“

she recalls. Happily, the woman commanding officer turned into extremely supporting. After she was released, she worked from inside the army as an openly trans army policeman, mentoring additional transgender men and women. Hannah’s job during the military culminated with obtaining granted an MBE at a ceremony at Buckingham residence.

Jake + Hannah

Hannah’s and Jake’s pathways eventually crossed in 2015, once they both had their friends‘ and families‘ support, as well as the just thing which was missing out on was a relationship. As a former member of the lesbian community, Jake remembers which he dated much but never really clicked with somebody, largely considering his transgender identification.

„i discovered it so exhausting explaining to every person we dated with what it intended to be trans, and dysphoria, and, you know, how I have a problem with my human body. Without issue simply how much they explained, you are aware, your body’s gorgeous, it did not have any effect,“

the guy recalls. Again, Hannah’s experience had been very different but quite similar while doing so. For her, dating as a trans individual never appeared like a good option.

„I found myself so disgusted by my human body for plenty years. The idea of discussing it with another person just believed insane. And like I mentioned, the entire Ace Ventura stuff, community tends to make trans ladies believe thus unwanted. I recently thought it was not even a possibility in my situation. Whenever I transitioned, I imagined I happened to be making the decision that may mean i might end up being alone throughout my life,“

she claims.

Hannah and Jake met on social networking and Skyped maybe once or twice before they went on their basic go out, which lasted 11 hrs. Jake straight away thought which they had a special method of hookup he never experienced before. It had been also his first big date in some time when becoming transgender was not a subject that needed to be mentioned.

„My personal God, it’s so exhausting talking about it the entire time, and also the transphobia, following this or that. So we did not mention it. We discussed music. We discussed love. We discussed delight, we talked about households, and then we simply clicked. And after our very own basic 11-hour big date, Hannah in route home provided me with a telephone call and said she liked me,“

the guy recalls.

Not having in the future out to each other individuals‘ individuals and friends had been anything Hannah and Jake really appreciated from the very beginning.

„Any time you date a cis man as a trans woman, you realize the mum will be like, ‘What are you carrying out? Just how do I get grandkids?‘, friends might be going like, ‘Have they had procedures?‘, everything form of things. Whereas if you are matchmaking somebody who is actually trans, really, what things merely doesn’t really occur because every person’s a lot like tuned abreast of the specific situation,“

states Hannah.

Jake + Hannah + Millie

In 2015, Jake suggested to Hannah in New York City. Four several months later, they got hitched in London and began planning for an infant. Having a kid tends to be burdensome for any family members, but for Hannah and Jake, it absolutely was even more difficult. Though some trans men decide to undergo virility treatment before transitioning or hold their very own kids, Jake knew it was not a good choice for him.

„There is no way in the world i might have walked to the London ladies Clinic since it’s called in London and sat truth be told there as just one trans person whilst would love to have eggs collected,“

he recalls.

„But six decades afterwards, I found myself therefore confident in my self and my personal masculinity and which I was as one that I imagined, ‘You understand what?‘ I quit testosterone, and yeah, my personal muscle tissue dropped, my personal face changed once again, and I would cry at every thing, but we decided to go to the London ladies Clinic, and I had eggs harvested.“

After every one of the essential procedures, it was time to consider a surrogate, which wasn’t simple sometimes. Luckily, after Jake and Hannah appeared on TV sharing their unique stories and claiming these are typically attempting for an infant, a lady hit out to all of them and stated she’d be happy to help. Every little thing went well, except for something — the pandemic.

„the sole minor blip was that individuals had all of our child in corona. And this had been variety of insane. Therefore, you realize, we had to go to Belfast instantaneously operating through the night just to sort of refrain travel prohibitions and progress to their. Following we sat in Belfast for 5 days, waiting for a lovely baby to be born. But then little Millie was born,“

says Jake.

Hannah had her worries about being a mama nicely since she knew that as a trans girl, she cannot bring her son or daughter, but she claims the woman worries went away quite quickly.

„I became really stressed about perhaps not finding motherly instincts or experience like i possibly couldn’t bond using my kid when I don’t carry the lady, but I always bear in mind among the first evenings whenever I ended up being by yourself together, Jake was actually sleeping. And she woke up in the exact middle of the evening. She needed a feeding. And that I knew at that time I was the only individual she needed to assist their stay lively. And therefore was as soon as we discovered that I found myself certainly a mother, also it ended up being lovely.“

At the end of the stream, Jake and Hannah responded many of the followers‘ concerns. Assuming they think that trans men and women should merely date trans individuals.

„I do perhaps not consider trans people should only date various other trans folks, however for you physically, it has worked,“

says Jake. Hannah will abide by him and says that even though it can be problematic for a trans individual date a cis individual, if two different people like both, they are going to discover a way to make it operate.

„i say like being trans was actually the matter that delivered us with each other, but it’s the rest that keeps united states with each other,“

states Hannah.

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